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Who am I?

Technically I am a Tel Avivian by birth, why technically? Because in practice I was born and raised in the soldier level before hi-tech and futures, which was like growing up in a kibbutz but paying property tax to Chich. After I graduated from high school majoring in film, I studied a lot of nonsense like acting, graphic design and finally copywriting at Betzfar, where I learned how much I love writing. While I was building a career in all kinds of fields that interested me, but in an uncontrollable way (like Moshe Nussbaum's eyebrows) I always ended up dealing with content, writing, design, etc. within the roles. When I finally understood the hint, I decided to focus on the field and then I realized that it was completely me.

My love for content got even stronger with the development of social networks. The rapid development of the field and the moment-by-moment rising need for additional, new and trendy content, one that knows how to tell a coherent story across several platforms and over time attracted me and swept me along like Alice down the rabbit tunnel. I'm still there drinking potions that say "write me" or "tell me", "make me laugh" and my favorite "call to action".

Today I am after many roles in the content, in all of which I was lucky enough to build new languages, understand the right content mix, the right way of storytelling for the place and the body I am in. I have a lot of experience in outlining a strategy, setting goals, developing a language while listening to trends and technological developments in the field.

I love words, content, social media, technology, trends, language, telling stories. I believe in finding a unique but natural language. in original and different design solutions. Building a content plan in advance but flexible enough to be ready for any situation.


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