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Hello World! I'm Yair Rainer – your friendly content enthusiast and self-taught maestro of all things creative.

🚀 Passionate About Content Creation & Management
Ever met someone who gets genuinely excited about content creation and management? Well, nice to meet you! I'm that guy. From crafting compelling copy for apps, landing pages, and diverse formats to localizing content at Google for the Israeli audience, I'm on a mission to conquer the content universe.

🎨 Auto Didact Extraordinaire
What's an "autodidact," you ask? It's just a fancy way of saying I'm a self-learner, and boy, do I love it! I've been soaking up knowledge like a sponge, mastering AI for both text and image creation, diving into automation, SEO, and navigating the realms of promoting on Facebook and Google.

🌐 Hebrew Content Wizard @ Google
Currently, I'm donning my Content & Localization Editor cape at Google, collaborating with fantastic teams to optimize content, navigate cultural nuances, and ensure that our message resonates with the Israeli audience. It's like being part of a creative symphony, and I love every note!

🚀 Wix, Muflaim, Hoshen – Been There, Crafted That
Before my Google adventure, I danced through the content landscape at Wix, managed the creative show at Muflaim, and stirred up a content revolution at Hoshen. I've even crafted content magic for Leumi Bank and danced in the creative realm at Dankner Productions.

🎓 Education to Top it Off
I didn't just stumble into this content wonderland. I honed my skills with courses in Business, Management, Marketing, and even dabbled in Microcopy & UX Writing. And yes, I can Photoshop my way through a creative storm.

📱 Beyond Buzzwords: My Journey
From spearheading cross-departmental projects at Intel to crafting unique stories at Hoshen, my journey has been a rollercoaster of creativity and innovation. I've been a spokesperson, a content manager, and even an Airport Security Questioning Officer
(no, seriously).

🤝 Let's Create Something Amazing Together
If you're looking for someone who's not just a content manager but a content maestro, you've found your match. Let's join forces and create content magic that leaves a lasting impression.

Thank You for Stopping By! Let's Make Content Great Again!


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All matters related to writing, ranging from copywriting to SEO articles, as well as UX and SMS.

Consultation and Strategy

Before anything else, it's possible to consult and understand what is right for your business. A website? A business page on Facebook? A blog? Each of these has a meaning and a financial implication. A short conversation can help you understand what the most suitable and appropriate solutions for your business are.

Social media management

"Hand-On" management of the social platforms. Including building a branding language (design + writing), building an annual Gantt, writing content, promotion, etc.

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Things I wrote

Various writing examples: articles, blogs, SEO, UX and more 

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Things I did on social networks

Different posts, different clients, campaigns, etc.

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